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Streamline synoptic reporting, expedite structured data capture, and empower pathologists

with xPert

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xPert is the premier reporting solution for surgical pathologists.

mTuitive provides expert guidance, error checks, automatic calculations and more to keep facilities compliant with standards and protocols while improving patient outcomes. These algorithms have significant advantages over other reporting options—including expediting transmission of vital diagnostic data, using important pathologic information downstream for other purposes, and drastically reducing the time and money staff spend on staying current with the latest changes to reporting requirements.


Our algorithms currently cover over 95% of all potential surgical pathology cases, with more being created every month.

Automated Compliance

mTuitive ensures pathology departments are compliant with all pertinent standards - such as The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath), Public Health England (PHE), and the Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD) for the UK; International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR), the College of American Pathologists (CAP); Ontario Health (formerly Cancer Care Ontario); and many more. mTuitive maintains all updates and customisations with an unmatched validation process that guarantees you maintain compliance.

Reduced Transcription Costs

mTuitive's synoptic reports provide a true single step sign out by capturing structured data in addition to case narratives at the point of examination. Results are automatically delivered to the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), disease registries, and other specified recipients—which greatly reduces costs, time, and errors inherent with transcription.

Minimised Potential Errors

Synoptic reports have been proven to be more comprehensive than dictation & transcription, ensuring the most important data is captured every time. mTuitive's unique validation process by our staff and team of experts means that the UI is intuitive and the content is constantly up-to-date. Our solutions' automated calculations, logic-branching, and error checks eliminate simple human errors.

Improved Communication

mTuitive reports present interpreting clinicians with more complete and concise documentation in a uniformed format. Using medically consistent terminology eliminates confusion and delays due to clarifying questions from clinicians and cancer registrars. Those receiving and reviewing the reports prefer the 95% increase in completeness due to synoptic formatting.

Enhanced Research Data

Each response in an mTuitive synoptic report is a piece of structured data—this means it can be sent to local, county, national, and other registries automatically and be used for downstream research without the vast monetary and time costs of abstraction.

Increased Efficiency

With intuitive navigation, users can quickly and easily enter in the important diagnostic information for each specimen while only responding to required fields, pertinent sections, and automatically capturing diagnostic codes like ICD and SNOMED.


Updated Standards

mTuitive works closely with standards organisations to receive the latest updates, maintaining these algorithms for your facility instead of devoting precious departmental staff time and energy on it.

Empowered Integrations

mTuitive's solutions have an open API format that works with vendors from around the world to receive information from (and return information to) all types of LIMS, EHR, and other electronic systems.

Automated Decision Support

mTuitive algorithms come complete with reference materials and links to relevant documentation in order to assist pathologists in determining the correct response for each field in an algorithm. 

Use Cases

Cancer Reporting

Diagnostic Reporting

mTuitive Community

Peer Review


Our pathology solutions include content for these standards:

International Collaboration on Cancer Re

International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR)

Public Health England (PHE)

Public Health England (PHE)

College of American Pathologists (CAP)

College of American Pathologists (CAP)

Ontario Health

Ontario Health (CCO)

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